Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have questions about seeing a psychologist. I’ve answered some of those questions below. Please contact me if you have other questions or would like to make an appointment.

How do I know if I need a counselor or therapist?

Everyone experiences problems, periods of sadness or worry, and relationship problems from time to time. There are some signs that indicate you might need professional help.
• Persistent changes in sleep, appetite, or energy level
• Problems with concentration or memory
• Difficulty accomplishing tasks
• Feeling hopeless or helpless
• Problems affecting your performance at work or school
• Problems with drugs or alcohol
• Frequent thoughts of death or hurting yourself
• Anxiety that interferes with daily tasks

How can you help me more than friends or family can?

Family and friends may be a wonderful source of support and advice. As a professional, I offer a number of things that they might not.
• I have studied human behavior, emotions, thinking, and the brain in detail. I can look at the whole picture and see things others may not see.
• I offer a therapeutic relationship in which you can be yourself without the preconceived ideas and expectations of friends and family. You also can learn new ways of relating to people.
• I know specific techniques and skills that can help you make changes you want to make. These skills and techniques are supported by research and clinical experience.

How is a psychologist different from other types of therapists or counselors?

• Psychologists complete doctoral degrees and thousands of hours of supervised clinical experience before becoming licensed to practice.
• Psychologists study human behavior, relationships, emotions, thoughts, and the human brain. We look at the whole picture when helping someone. Psychologists are ethically obligated to maintain competence in the scientific advances in psychological treatments.

Can I afford your services?

I am a provider for a number of insurance companies and participate in the pro bono therapy program through Connections. I offer a limited number of pro bono sessions. Contact me about availability and eligibility requirements.