Treatment for OCD and Anxiety.

Welcome to my psychology practice. I am on a mission to provide effective treatment for OCD and other anxiety disorders. I offer evidence-based practice, a combination of research, clinical expertise, and your contributions.


A wealth of research shows that psychotherapy helps people with a wide variety of problems. While specific techniques may be helpful, particularly for OCD, research shows that client factors (what you bring to the table) and the therapeutic relationship (how we work together) are crucial to success in therapy.

My Clinical Expertise

I began independent practice in 2004, after completing thousands of hours of training. I still consult with colleagues and attend continuing education courses to keep on top of advances in treatment. Over 75% of my practice is with people with OCD and related disorders. I enjoy developing the therapeutic relationship and helping individuals move toward their goals.

Your Needs, Values, and Preferences

You are the most important part of the therapy process. You are the one looking for help, and you decide what you want to work on. I help you understand how thoughts, emotions, and behaviors work together. I help you develop skills to accomplish your goals, and I support you along the way. You are the one who takes the risk of putting it all into practice. Good treatment involves collaboration and teamwork.

Please click through this site to learn more about me and my practice. You may contact me at 970-676-3395 with any questions or to schedule an initial evaluation. I look forward to helping you create a healthier, happier life.