Hoarders, the reality show on A&E, has helped hoarding become a hot topic. CNN, Fox News, ABC, and Oprah have featured stories about hoarding. Since the 1990s, psychologists have been studying hoarding and developing treatments for this relatively common problem. Hoarding involves several components.
1. Acquiring too much stuff
2. Difficulty getting rid of stuff
3. Problems organizing stuff
Often the person is not aware of the serious problem his or her stuff has become. Yet it can limit the use of the home, social functioning, and may be a safety hazard.

Drs. Frost and Steketee have developed a cognitive behavioral treatment that helps many people with hoarding. Using their Compulsive Hoarding & Acquiring therapist guide and client workbooks, I have started working with people with hoarding problems. Please call for a consultation if you would like more information or help with this issue.